Nozzlehead and the Jaws of Life

Nozzlehead and the Jaws of Life-The Jaws of Life are needed as this rescue scene unfolds. A victim is trapped inside her car while another is engulfed in flames. Nozzlehead introduces “Jabber-Jaws” and “Motor-Mouth” to free her from this dangerous trap she is in. Another Nozzlehead Books Adventure is waiting for you! Join Nozzlehead and his crew for this action adventure that teaches teamwork and safety to your kids. Full of suspence, these adorable characters will captive your children’s attention. They will be asking to read Nozzlehead over and over again! Written by a professional firefighter, this book will be loved by kids and parents alike.

Nozzlehead and the Jaws of Life 

Nozzlehead Adventure Series 1-3

Book 1: Nozzlehead BIG Adventure
When the fire alarm sounded, firefighters Nozzlehead, Halfcap, and Scout quickly donned their gear, jumped into their fire engine, and were off to the fire, which was a burning barn outside the town. With them was Spotnot, the fire station dog. Arriving at the burning barn, the firefighters first checked for any people or animals who might have been in danger, then proceeded to douse the fire. Meanwhile Spotnot has sighted a kitten who’s climbed a tree in fear from the fire. The firefighters rescue the kitten and take it with them back to the station. They’ll find a good home for the kitten, but for now the kitten will stay with them.

Nozzlehead's Big Adventure (Nozzlehead Adventure, #1)

Book 2: Helping Hands
Firefighters Nozzlehead, Halfcap, Scout and their fire dog help neighbors and assist the communities of Warmville. They find a home for the lost kitty and return their new friend. They also assist grandma when she requires medical attention and they discover that some fires can be safe as the crew investigates the cause of the smoke they see billowing from a neighborhood.

Nozzlehead's Adventure: "Helping Hands" (Nozzlehead Adventure, #2)


Book 3: 5 Alarm Fire
Nozzlehead and his team lead an intense fire attack and rescue trapped workers, ultimately saving them by utilizing teamwork and dedication. Faced with extreme danger, they overcome difficult odd’s and bring a peaceful resolve. We close the series with a happy, successful crew and all of their friends. This an extreme adventure where we introduce the “Fire Mask” on our characters and enter a fully involved fire. We ask that you initially view and share with your kids to help them understand the mask and suggest that it looks “funny” rather then “Scary”.

Nozzlehead's Adventure: "5 Alarm Fire" (Nozzlehead Adventure, #3)

Nozzlehead in Schools Illustrated by Kids

During our reads at local schools we discussed the idea of writing books with the kids in select schools and publishing them. TJ Spencer would read to the class and then discuss the process of writing and publishing a children’s book. Working closely with the students and their teachers we created two fantastic books using the illustrations created by the students after they chose a topic about firefighting. Together with the teacher, students and TJ Spencer, we illustrated, authored and published the books you see here today.

Firefighter Nozzlehead Letter by Letter

Firefighter Nozzlehead What Firefighters Do


Nozzlehead on Safety and Rescue

As firefighters, we want to keep everyone safe from harm. In our “What is a Firefighter” classes we put on for kids around our communities whether in their schools or in our fire stations, we often find that kids are enamored by our profession, the big engines and the clothes we wear. More often then not, when we place our masks over our face the fun is over and the fright sets in. They can no longer see our face or hear our natural voice. This causes anxiety and fear which in turn, can cause a child to hide in a real-life rescue situation. This is of great concern to us so we continue to slowly integrate our masks as a “fun’ or “funny” piece of our equipment.  In the book “Funny Little Mask” we use the word “Funny” instead of “Scary” and have found that the kids are more receptive to the mask. This book was written with the intent of educating kids about our mask, our air packs and all of the components of fighting a fire and making a successful rescue. We have used a fun, rhyme filled and silly approach and included characters that kids love. You will find a Princess, a Doctor, a Clown, Cowboy, Firefighter and even a Dinosaur.

Firefighter Nozzlehead and the Funny Little Mask



Nozzlehead on Diversity and Bullying

Nozzlehead Goes to Mexico: We discover that there are firefighters all over the world who look different yet perform the same duties as the firefighters we show in the Nozzlehead Books.

Firefighter Nozzlehead takes us on his Mexico Vacation to visit the firefighters there. We learn some Spanish and discover how firefighters fight fire in Mexico as Nozzlehead rides along with the crew. Friendship, kindness and diversity are featured in this book along with beautiful images of whales, dolphins and a Mexican Sunset.

Nozzlehead Goes to Mexico


Oscar the Giant Mouse
Oscar was small, too small to keep up, or play with other mice his age. He wanted a friend. One day he met a friend, a BIG friend. He discovered that courage isn’t limited to size. Oscar makes a daring save during a frightful event and ends up being a hero with lots of friends. Discovering courage and acting on it helps others to realize our physical size is not the measure for friendship.



The Eagle with Glasses

An eagle hatches and finds a world of beautiful colors. As he grows his parents examine why he can’t seem to see clearly and decide to take him to the Eagle Eye Doctor for an exam. He leaves with a new vision and excitement as he makes new discoveries with his new glasses.

A wonderful story for children who need a better understanding of getting glasses, how they work and why they are important.

Nozzlehead on Holidays

Nozzlehead on Holidays
Decorations are going up all over town and the community is full of excitement. Nozzlehead makes a visit to Santa to find a way to share with families in need and with Santa’s help comes up with a brilliant solution. Learn how to make a giving tree. Nozzlehead also discovers Santa’s one true wish and they change roles in this wonderful tale of Santa, the jolly firefighter and Nozzlehead, the dedicated Santa.

Nozzlehead's Christmas The Giving Tree


Author page on Amazon

In 1999 I began the first Nozzlehead book. The source for these stories is an unending supply of emergency calls we run as firefighters. I am employed as a professional firefighter and each day myself or my colleagues  experience many new adventures. Some of these adventures will find their way into the pages of the Nozzlehead series books while others will have to remain respectfully in our minds. Sharing these adventures allows others to see the daily life of a firefighter and to show them adventure, resolve, problem solving and teamwork.   As we write the stories we are looking for ways to add positive influence that will address the younger audience and teach them some basic valuable life lessons.

Due to the events of September 11, 2001 the Nozzlehead character concept took a backseat while the United States and the Police, EMS and Firefighting communities dealt with a difficult situation. I felt that it would not be an appropriate time to launch this Character.

Now, more than ever, this is the time to introduce Nozzlehead and his team to our kids. During the “hiatus” the popularity of Nozzlehead grew as I continued to create t-shirts and hats for my local audience. In addition I made a DVD entitled, “How to become a Firefighter” which I would give away with each order or upon request and at sponsored events. Most of my contacts were adults who completely embraced the character and wanted the product for themselves. I had not introduced a children’s line of products at that time but I am certain that it would have exceeded the adult sales. I felt that it should be done in conjunction with my books. At this time you can purchase the books and t-shirts and we have created the Nozzlehead Storybook T’s which allow you to scan your child’s shirt with a smart device and download a Nozzlehead Adventure Movie to watch “Instantly”. Wow! We’ve come a long way in 10 years. Thank you for your support.