3 years, 12 books & thousands of happy kids


Nozzlehead Books 3 Years in the Making!

Written by Author TJ Spencer

Wow what a ride! Three years in the making and so much more to come! Looking back to October of 2013 I feel a sense of accomplishment, as I step back and take a look at what Nozzlehead has become to myself and others. We have reached thousands of kids with our message! Looking at the future of Nozzlehead Books, I feel… like I can hardly contain my excitement! It feels like yesterday when I published my first three books as a series. Nozzlehead Adventure Series; “Nozzlehead’s Big Adventure”, “Helping Hands” and “5 Alarm Fire”. My goal was to share some of my emergency calls with kids so that they can experience what it’s like to ride along in a big Fire Engine or an Aid Car rushing to a scene to assist someone in need. In sharing these books my hope was to also build a rapport with kids, to help them understand a firefighter’s role in their community, and to build a trust and a bond that would allow us to share important safety information. Firefighter Nozzlehead and his crew are loveable characters that help create a friendship with a child, and encourage them to trust firefighters when they come to them in a real emergency situation.

As firefighters we spend a great deal of time with kids in our fire stations and in their classrooms. Nozzlehead was created to give kids a character to recognize, who is able to deliver safety messages and connect with them by giving them a friend, a recognizable hero that performs a real job, without any superpowers that kids can aspire to become themselves.

Nozzlehead Books has become very successful both in book sales and to the goal of educating kids. We have shared our books through multiple reads at our local Barnes & Noble, Bookstores, Libraries, Daycare’s, Montessori’s, Children’s Academy, Fire Station visits, classroom visits, Skype in the Classroom and Children’s Museums. When I published my books, I had no idea they would take on this magnitude of interest nor this big of a demand as an Author to meet my readers in public. What a great surprise indeed!

Reflecting back over the past three years I honestly don’t know how I managed to do it all, but the proof is in your hands as you read any of the twelve books I have published in that time.

One of my biggest accomplishments that I am most proud of is collaborating with forty plus students from two different schools including a first grade class and a second grade class. We were able to publish two books written and illustrated by these kids. As we worked together with their teachers, these students were eager to learn and share their new knowledge with the world. Their books will forever be a part of their lives and all of these students are now “Published Authors”, at 6, 7 & 8 years old. Now how many kids can say that?

Shortly after my book release of Nozzlehead’s Big Adventure I was contacted by a local TV program, “Evening Magazine”. They asked if they could interview me and talk about my books. Of course I said YES, and through a bundle of nerves we had a pleasant exchange resulting in a fantastic interview with Michael King. Through this interview, again, we were able to communicate our safety messages to parents, kids and an extremely large audience sending our message to thousands of viewers. Following that interview, Nozzlehead was invited to participate in two additional interviews with King 5 Evening Magazine allowing our message to resonate with tens of thousands of viewers. Suffice to say, we hit a home run!

I recognize that the success of Nozzlehead Books is not simply in the books lying on a shelf somewhere in a nice bookstore. While I am happy to have published my books, they are not completing their mission if nobody reads them. If my books are going to help kids, promote safety and educate readers then they need to be seen and read. Fortunately, we have been able to connect with our readers on many levels and have found great success with our book sales through Kindle, Amazon, public book reads, Libraries and many local book stores. In our first three years we have sold multiple thousands of books, won awards, received 5-star reviews, and made it to #1 position on Amazons best seller list. Because of you!

I want to send a heartfelt, personal “THANK YOU”, to all of the readers who found Nozzlehead Books, shared their experience, and continue to support us as we begin another year in our mission of sharing and educating kids with our books. Readers are the most important asset in our mission and Nozzlehead Books could not have had this success without you, our readers.

Much Gratitude,

Author/Firefighter TJ Spencer

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