Rave Review Promotes Nozzlehead Books for Kids

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I could not be more proud of this book! The characters “Jabber Jaw” and “Motor Mouth” are full of life and are always eager to assist Nozzlehead and his crew. The illustrations by Jason Buhagiar pop right off the pages. Others agree that this book is a must read!

-Author TJ Spencer

“Nozzlehead and the Jaws of Life”- Book Review (June, 2016)

Reviewed by Rosie Malezer for Readers’ Favorite

Both the story and the illustrations in this book are absolutely delightful! T.J. Spencer’s descriptive children’s tale about how and why the Jaws of Life are used is an essential read, especially since this life-saving tool is so scary-looking to young children. I feel that this well written book, Nozzlehead and the Jaws of Life, should ideally be stocked in schools, hospitals, day care centers, and in home libraries where children can easily access it. In a scenario such as that put forward in the story, a child…read more 


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