What Fire Fighters Do (according to first graders)

Hazzlewood elementaryWritten by Author TJ Spencer

Let’s be honest, there are lots of stories that come from a first graders imagination that are both interesting and extremely comical.  But how many first graders do you know that are “published authors” by the age of 6 or 7?  This is one of my biggest accomplishments that I am most proud of! I  collaborated with forty plus students from two different schools including a first grade class and a second grade class and through our efforts we were able to publish TWO amazing books written and illustrated by these kids. How great is that! As we worked together with their teachers, these students were eager to learn and share their new knowledge with the world. These books will forever be a part of their lives. Now how many kids can say that?

classroom pic ApolloFirst grade students utilize their Illustration skills and author talents to show and explain “What Firefighters Do”. Second grade students with their creative energy wrote and illustrated “Nozzlehead Letter by Letter”. Following the alphabet letter by letter, with each letter describing something that relates to firefighting. The ending letter will surprise you!

I feel that I was able to assisted these students to find their “Inner Author”.

classroom-booksapollo class

Each student created their own image and story to educate others on the responsibility of a firefighter. From fighting fires, to medical calls, rescues, and even saving cats from trees, the students capture exciting moments and share them all in these books.

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