2016 R&R (Recap & Resolutions!)

The 16th year of the 21st century. How do 365 days in a calendar year seem to pass by in the blink of an eye? Are you sorry to see 2016 go? An NBC/Wall Street Journal poll says 55% of Americans agree that 2016 was “below average”, “a thumb’s down”. Was this year a tough year for you? What are the positive things that happened in your life during 2016? What could you have lived without? Each year at this time represents a “new beginning” or a “clean slate” for those of us who believe that we have permission or opportunity to reboot our minds, use a “take back”, reorganize our time, energy, our priorities. How cool is that! A great inspiration to be better, feel better, do better for others. Thus, the New Year’s Resolution list. If you have never made one of these before, I highly recommend it!

5 pointers to creating New Year’s Resolutions personalized to you:

  1. Keep it simple
  2. Speak from your heart- what would bring you joy this year?
  3. Make it no more than 5-7 goals
  4. Set a timeline for completing them
  5. Assign one resolution that focuses on kindness toward others

Once you create your list make sure you don’t lose it! Here are some of my best ideas to keep it top of mind:

  1.  Make your list in Notes on your phone
  2. Snap a quick photo and assign it as your desktop background on your computer
  3. Enter into your calendar. You could even set goals every few months and set an alert reminder in your calendar
  4. Share it with a friend who can help hold you accountable
  5. Keep it in your underwear drawer

Let’s be honest, in the shuffle of this busy, busy, overcommitted, “fly by the seat of your pants” lifestyle lists get lost. Our best ideas and aspirations sort of dissipate and lose importance and attention. Bummer! Don’t let that happen!

As for me, here at Nozzlehead Books, our mission remains strong for 2017; To educate parents and children about prevention of injury by introducing firefighter Nozzlehead and his crew to young readers. It sits on my heart. I just want to scream, shout, share and inspire families to read these books and engage in these adventures with their kids. After a lifetime of being a firefighter myself, I live these stories and understand the importance first hand.  Our team here at Nozzlehead has a LOT to be grateful for! And a LOT to look forward to this coming year. Look for our books in your local bookstore! We are expanding our retail stores this coming year. Find us on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. We have so much going on and so much to share with you and your little firefighter fan!

Just a few little nuggets about 2016: Did you know?

  1. Scientific breakthroughs in genetic engineering to cure cancer by creating immune cells that target cancer cells
  2. Tesla inches closer to developing self-driving cars
  3. Astronomers find a potentially habitable planet near Proxima Certauri
  4. The Mannequin Challenge was a social media sensation
  5. The first solar powered aircraft circumnavigates the Earth
  6. The World Health Organization announces an outbreak of the Zika virus
  7. The United States signs the “Paris Agreement” pledging to reduce CO2 emissions
  8. President Obama designates millions of acres to National Parks and National Monuments
  9. Bob Dylan receives the Nobel Prize in Literature
  10. The deadliest mass shooting on US soil in Orlando, FL.

Deaths of several high-profile celebrities and leaders including (but not limited to): Nancy Reagan, Fidel Castro, Prince, Harper Lee, David Bowie, Muhammad Ali, Arnold Palmer, John Glenn, George Michael, Carrie Fisher, Gene Wilder, Merle Haggard, Patty Duke, Doris Roberts and Debbie Reynolds. They will all be missed. Learn more

With hateful Presidential debates, race relations, politics, and the loss of several high-profile celebrities, 2016 seemed to be a grim, “dismal year” that created emotions of distrust and uncertainty in many hearts around the country. Nevertheless, despite all the highs and lows that 2016 has brought to this country, to you and your family, 2016 is a time in history for greatness. People are full of love and kindness toward each other that represent a ray of sunshine in our daily lives, and inspire hope for a brighter tomorrow. I say, take the experiences from this year that reside on your heart and continue to grow, learn and make a difference! After all, 2017 is a fresh new year full of 365 new chances, opportunities, choices. What will this year hold for you?

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